Viky the Little Trout is runing away from Kamenice

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The English version of the fairy tale about Viky the Little Trout. The book will warm your heart. And thanks to the beautiful illustrations, you will feel as if you are under the surface yourself. If you love nature, fish and happy endings, this book is right one for you.

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Viky the Little Trout was born on the upper course of the river Kamenice in the small pool called Beneath the Chamois Rock. He longs to know foreign regions like his father. One day, salmon is joined in the pool by Amos and Adriana, who give Viky the courage to travel to the far sea. So Viky sets out on a journey. During his journey, he meets a lot of fish: Genevieve the Sculpin, Dawn the Minnow, Common chub twins Shortie and Pantie, but also fish-eating predators. Will Viky find happiness in salt water or will he understand that his heart is at home Beneath the Chamois Rock? Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful full-page illustrations and accompany the Viky the Little Trout from the Bohemian Switzerland National Park on his fairytale journey to happiness.

Published: 2022

Pages: 48

Cover: hard

Illustrations: colorful

ISBN: 978-80-906461-1-1